Want to start your photo booth business or provide a unique experience to your events guests? Buy #TheHashtagBike, a social media photo booth on wheels.

Designed and build in Amsterdam by Hashtag the World, #TheHashtagBike (thehashtagbike.com) has served many brands and event organizers in the Netherlands.

Since our company is reallocating overseas, we are selling #TheHashtagBike, including all its equipment.

#TheHashtagBike has a steel structure and wood body and acrylic roof, that lights up and change colours.

When you purchase the bike, we will also provide:

  • Training how to operate it.

  • Manual of use of its parts.

  • List of suppliers in case of repair.

  • Support for 30 days

  • Website made with SquareSpace (membership not included)

  • Google Ads Campaign with 60 days optimisation support, to help you acquire new leads (advertising budget not included)

We have leased #TheHashtagBike with the following price.

  • 4 hours event € 720

  • 8 hours event € 1.200

That's a great opportunity to start a new photo booth business or provide a unique experience to your event guests.

Based on our experience, the years last quarter increases the search for photo booth due to corporate end-of-the-year parties.

The investment is € 15k, that can be easily paid off in 6 months of operation.

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